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The crypto industry is rapidly growing.

Crypto Equities allows you to participate in that growth story by directly investing in an asset-backed token through an issuer of sector specific investment coins.

Next gen cryptos

Crypto 2.0

Crypto Equities is a merchant bank focusing on developing investment coins and digital assets as new financing vehicles using blockchain-based technology. We create highly liquid digital assets that you can trust and will always have intrinsic value.

We welcome regulations to bring stability and millions of more investors into the crypto market. For this reason, our token is regulated, feeds the growth of multiple sectors, is liquid, and is backed by real assets.

Our token is a new type of digital asset designed to build your wealth. CEQ token keeps you in control and lets you invest on your terms.

Investment Coins

Investment coins are the future in cryptocurrencies and replace paper certificates with digital tokens on the blockchain. This enables liquidity, opens up a new global investor audience, removes third-party intermediaries which reduces costs and time, and is the next generation of financing securities. All investment tokens are backed by assets in the underlying company or project. providing intrinsic value to all token holders.

We hand picked these eight sector specific investment coins because they are driving growth, are stable, and provide strong returns for investors.

CEQ token

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Global Growth & Sector Adoption of Securities Tokens


Security Token Market Potential


You don''t want to miss out on the next boom.

Investing in a crypto merchant bank that focuses on key sectors guarantees you a share of the growth and profits.



At Crypto Equities, we aim to bridge the gap of investors to sound, well-researched and developed investment opportunities. Our development and management team, which consists of traditional investment idealists with decades of experience and millennials who are changing the financial capital raising ecosystem, are fine tuning and taking crowdfunding to the next level together. By incorporating old school underwriting and financing techniques such as securing investment coins to hard assets and distributing profits to token holders, we plan to generate profits for our investors, but also provide them with stability, liquidity, and profit sharing.

Our uniquely designed investment coins will liberate investors who were historically handcuffed for years with limited exit opportunities and a hope they would receive a profit. Simultaneously, we are confident this will remove the barrier to entry for those would-be investors with a dilemma of whether entering this emerging market would be worth it.



Our promise: to design investment coins that we would (and we do!) invest in and provide thorough communication and transparency.

We are a team of like minded individuals with the goal to transform the capital raising ecosystem.


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