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Why Invest in Crypto Equities?

The crypto sphere is rapidly growing and Crypto Equities, specifically the "CEQ Coin", allows you to participate in that growth story by directly investing in an asset-backed token through an issuer of sector specific investment coins. All coins represent ownership in Crypto Equities, Inc. - a crypto merchant bank - and provide a vehicle for passive income through profit sharing. Don't miss the next boom in investment coins. Invest in a merchant bank that focuses on key sectors.

  • Our team consists of seasoned investors, fund managers, and crypto enthusiasts

  • We are securing the investment with real assets and intrinsic and market value

  • We welcome regulations to the industry, such as the SEC

  • Investment coin holders can expect profit sharing


About Us

Crypto Equities operates as a full-service merchant bank focused on unifying traditional underwriting and financing techniques with blockchain technology and smart contracts. The goal is to set a new standard for the tokenization of alternative global assets such as equity, debt, real estate, commodities & minerals, venture capital and private equity generating short and long-term investor returns with mitigated risk through asset security, liquidity, trust, and compliance.

Crypto Equities Investor

Early Access

Investors have early access into opportunities that have traditionally been closed to smaller private investors. Additionally, tokens are highly divisible and liquid on approved exchanges.



The company seeks leading sector-specific projects to support. These sectors vary from real estate, mining and mineral acquisitions, cannabis, private equity, and much more.


Liquidity and Returns

Unlike traditional investments and VC funds, investors no longer need to wait until the maturity of the investment or a management defined liquidity event. You, the investor, is in control on when to liquidate.


Transparency and Trust

The team understands the value of transparency. Detailed information will be provided allowing the investor to make an educated decision before entrusting the team with the responsibility of managing their money and investment.

Resulting from this new architecture, Securities Tokens are projected to have a market cap of $10 trillion in 2020.
— Dan Morehead
Security tokens offer an alternative — fully digitized asset classes that may be bought and sold on liquid exchanges in any slice, large or small, an investor desires and can afford.
— Nick Goss

Our Team

The Huge Advantage - Our company was started and is managed by seasoned investors, fund managers, and crypto enthusiasts. This is a huge advantage because we understand the importance of security, compliance, investor returns, and liquidity.

Our mission is bring money to

We know how investors think which is why our business model of infusing old-school underwriting and financing techniques with new-school smart contract and blockchain technology removes the barrier of entry that has paralyzed many investors from entering the crypto-world and capitalize on highly profitable opportunities.

Our experienced and proven team will work diligently and architect offerings that are right for you as an investor.

*We are continually growing our leadership and advisory teams. If you would like to be considered for one of these roles, you may contact

Executive Team


Leadership Team


Advisory Team


Sector Specific Tokens in The Making

The Crypto Equities business model opens blockchain to legally compliant security offerings, many of which are in the process of being launched by the company. Each Security Token Offering (STO) allows the creation of tokens with economic and intrinsic value and investment fundamentals. Each token will form a digital asset directly tied investments, company or asset providing for debt, equity, dividend, or profit sharing security.