Complete Crypto Platform

We develop, deploy, and manage asset-based cryptos.


Crypto Equities is reshaping traditional finance just as the internet did with communications. By providing a one stop securities token platform, we ultimately define a better future for our projects while providing our token investors with the assurance we have a sound investment product.

Our platform offers the potential for greater inclusivity and deeper market penetration by providing lower investment minimums and borderless offerings in compliance with applicable law. Here's an overview of our Securities Token Platform:


Principal Investment

Crypto Equities makes principal investments into projects through the tokenization of assets. This helps alleviate constraints on companies and allows them to focus on what they do best, operate and deliver.



We draw directly from experience in cryptocurrency and high finance.  Our team advises on overall strategy and implementation, content marketing, community building and outreach, smart contract and blockchain guidance,  crowdsale, and acquisitions. We succeed by ensuring your success.


Token Development

The technical team develops each token on the Ethereum network, or similar, along with programming smart contract(s) to meet specifications based on the needs of each project. Furthermore, a full audit is carried out to ensure function and security, giving project teams and investors peace of mind.


Syndication through Global Community

Each project is syndicated through a global community of accredited investors.  This community provides the source of money for each company’s project and more importantly creates a community of ambassadors behind each project and token.


Project Management

Projects will be managed in partnership by members of the Crypto Equities team as well as direct project specific managers that are experts in the specific sector.  Each project team focuses on the execution of the overall project and its success.


Crypto Investor Relations

Marketing and Investor Relations

We develop best-in-class marketing documents and pair them with a tailored message to each investor class and outlet. The investor relations team works to ensure updates are being presented past the initial offering to maximize token price on the open markets.


Legal and Compliance

The SEC and other regulatory bodies have been cracking down and enforcing compliance in the crypto securities ecosystem. To ensure global compliance, we partnered with various legal and SEC advisors to protect and help navigate issuers through the complicated regulatory landscape.