A $4 Quadrillion Opportunity: Vonage Founder Jeff Pulver

Vonage founder Jeff Pulver went on-stage at Destination Experience Visionaries Summit in Kingston, Jamaica and said blockchain technology is over-hyped and it's a $4 quadrillion opportunity.

Confusing right? It's over-hyped, yet is a massive opportunity.

He goes on to say that blockchain is misunderstood by the masses and at its core is something that many will never understand. If you ever tried to talk to your peers about blockchain and the crypto world, I'm sure you received a quizzical look and maybe even a look that you're crazy. However, just give it time my friends. The radical idea of blockchain and tokenizing equity today, will be boring and old news in the very near future.

But a $4,000,000,000,000,000 opportunity? (That is a lot of zero's!)

He goes on to say there is an evolution of capital markets and blockchain is enabling a new type of asset class, programmable securities for traditional public and private companies. Globally, this is worth $4 quadrillion dollars and blockchain and smart technology revolutionizes this market. This is huge! In essence, securities will be tokenized due to the security benefits and ability to be highly liquid. This opens up a true free market with global 24/7 trading abilities.

Crypto Equities is already taking advantage of this method through Security Token Offerings and proprietary Special Purpose Asset Token Offerings.

Chris Langlois - Crypto Equities, Executive team

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