Security Token Offerings


Secured by global mineral reserves

Mineral Investors Fund ‘MineralVest’ provides an opportunity for personal and institutional investing into the highly-profitable global mineral and mining sector through its unique MineralCoin cryptocurrency.  MineralVest is a global fund with a mission to acquire mineral concessions that have the potential to hold vast mineral wealth and the ability to be developed into world class mineral reserves and mining operations.

MineralVest targets concessions containing both industrial and precious minerals that are scarce and in great demand with a focus on minerals used in industrial and technological applications, such as bauxite rich in aluminum oxide, the primary ingredient used to manufacture aluminum.



Secured by real estate development projects

Real Estate Development (RED) dollar provides an opportunity to allow anyone to invest in real estate and participate in developing North American and global real estate.

The beneficiary buys RED dollar tokens through a pre-ICO, ICO, or on an open market, thereby, becoming an investor allowing token holders to profit from the fund. The fund structures the transaction by purchasing, financing. developing, and constructing the project and registering the property rights. Upon completion of the development project and its sale, the profit received from the transaction is shared between the participants in the fund.





Secured by Cannabis Projects

CannaVestCoin is a tokenized fund focusing on legal cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis along with industry-inspired projects.

As medical and recreational marijuana sales skyrocket in the U.S., the growth is still in its infancy stages. This fund allows investors to take part in the “green rush” which should bring in $20.6 billion in revenue by 2020.                                                 

Skywater Coin


Secured by fresh water mining

SkywaterCoin is a unique cryptocurrency that allows investors to participate in a disruptive atmospheric water mining technology that is poised to make a huge impact by providing clean sustainable water to the masses. Skywater technology is backed by 14 years of extensive research, development, and water quality testing and is an answer to the looming global water crisis.

Skywater provides clean, drinkable water through its technology and ability to bottle water by extracting water vapor from the atmosphere, from the water that we breathe. Skywater is building water farms to bottle and supply water. These farms reduce the need of expensive and laborious infrastructure such as water mains and pipes which are difficult to maintain and don't reach all people.



Secured by Cash Flow Debt Fund



Secured by disruptive technologies

DisrupterCoin is a tokenized fund with a focus on disruptive technologies and emerging markets that often yield high returns. . The goal is to partner with great entrepreneurs to build companies and drive them forward to be leaders of their industry. Crypto Equities is committed to shaking up the status quo by backing technologies that are poised to dominate how society is going to work in the future. The fund will primarily invest in early stage companies from seed to Round A.



Secured by infrastructure and other assets

AfricaCoin is a tokenized fund allowing investors to invest in the last global emerging market known as the “final frontier”. Africa has been recently growing in popularity among global investors due its large population, opportunities in infrastructure development, real estate, and its wealth of undeveloped natural resources. Africa offers some of the highest returns of foreign direct investments in the world.


Special Purpose Asset Token Offering

RED Navarro Isle

REDdollar - Navarro

Navarro Isle is a real estate development project for two single family homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Las Olas). The project investment fund consists of secured interest through mezzanine debt, interest coupon of 8%, and profit sharing through the sale of the developed projects. Upon the completion of the project and sale of the homes, each token holder will receive their initial investment plus profits.