Our objective is to provide investors with investment coins that are backed by real assets, provide profit sharing, appreciate over a shorter period of time, and are more liquid than commonly found with traditional investments.


CEQ Token

Welcome to the Crypto Equities, Inc. token sale

The Crypto Equities Coin (CEQCoin) is a blockchain tokenized opportunity to invest in an issuer and manager of investment coins that span multiple sectors from commodities and minerals, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, debt, and more.

Send Ether, Bitcoin or Fiat ($USD) and receive CEQCoins. Each CEQCoin represents an ownership stake in Crypto Equities, Inc., which is backed by the assets, equity, and stake into companies Crypto Equities invested in.

Profits are shared between tokenholders, management, and maybe invested into leading companies and projects to further growth. Tokenholders may either hold or trade tokens with eligible purchases, based on the underlying value of Crypto Equities assets.

Price per CEQCoin - $1.00

Minimum investment - $1,000

For US: Accredited purchasers (Fill out form on this page)

For US: Unaccredited purchasers (Go through WeFunder here)

For International purchasers - (Fill out form on this page)